Benchmark equipment

The automatic filter press has emerged as the standard piece of equipment for Faure Equipements and currently makes up 90% of our business across a variety of industries in response to the significant demand from our customers for 100% automatic machinery (requiring no human assistance during the dismantling phases) (our current references number are almost one hundred of them).
The fully automatic filter press was created by our R&D department, which is always improving our products and will keep offering fresh, creative solutions.


A patented and reliable technology

The filter presses from Faure Equipements are now fitted with a robot that enables autonomous operation and is covered by three patents. Therefore, the cake removal phase of the filter press equipped with this technology can run continuously without the need for an operator. The basic idea behind cake removal is to shake the trays using a cam. A weighing mechanism ensures the automatic monitoring of the cakes release. If the tray’s initial weight is determined, the cake has been taken out. The cake has either completely or partially remained in the chamber if the weight is higher than the tare. The cakes then start to fall as a result of the shaking system being activated. Our filter presses will operate automatically through its self-regulating mechanism.

A mechanical cleaning system of the feeding core is also included on the full auto robot in case core flushing with compressed air is not sufficient.
This robot also allows to wash the cloths with an automatic triggering. The screens are periodically regenerated according to two parameters: the number of cycles and the amount of dirt.
All the functions of this robot are made reliable by a sensor system with a light beam which guarantees its correct positioning.

At present, 90% of filter presses that leave our workshops are fully automatic

Technical specifications and documentation